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Notes about using this wiki: 

1. To sign up for your community partner, go to http://pbworks.com/, click on "Login," then click on "Sign Up." 

2. Do not edit this wiki frontpage.

3.  When you log on, never "steal the key" from anyone else; the wiki will get tied up and both people's work will be lost.

4.  Make your decisions, edit, and quickly log off.  If you stay logged on, others cannot schedule themselves.

5. Here is a very brief video about how to use this wiki.


Welcome to SPAN 232 Spanish in the Community and SPAN 332 Spanish & Entrepreneurship


In both SPAN 232 & 332 use a methodology called community service learning (CSL).  That means that you will spend half of your time in the classroom and half of your time working in the community. 


YOUR WORK: In all, you need to work 28 hours in the community during the semester. Generally, that means you should work two hours a week, each week, and that is what you will sign up for here in this wiki. However, sometimes it isn't possible to work two hours every single week (for example: the office/school is closed for a holiday on "your" day; school is cancelled because of bad weather and/or a Teachers' Institute Day; you sign up for the course late; your criminal background check takes more than expected to process; etc.)  In all those cases you will need to work with your community partner to find ways to work a total of 28 hours by the last week of classes. (You may work during finals week and breaks, but it isn't required.) It is your responsibility to work around unexpected problems and find ways to complete those 28 hours to get credit for the CSL part of the course.  


Sign up now for your work in the community!


If you do not want to receive an e-mail every time the wiki is updated (and who does?), then follow these instructions:

How to stop receiving pbwiki updates

Login to the wiki:

1. Click on "account" (top right corner, under your email)

2. In that page (MyPbwiki), click on the HOME tab

3. In "My wikis", next to the wiki name, there is a "enable notifications". To stop receiving them, simply uncheck it.


INSTRUCTIONS: In order to get off to a good start in this course, please follow these instructions to sign up for your community partner now:

1.  Scroll down this page and do the following:

  • Click on your chosen partner's wiki site.
  • At the top of the partner's page click on "Edit", and wait for the complete page to load (be patient; not waiting might result in a complete deletion of that wiki section).
  • Type your information (name and NetID) in the specific spots for a total of 2 weekly hours (i.e. 4 spots of half an hour each, 2 spots of one hour, etc.).
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. 
  • Immediately log out so others can enter their schedule.
  • Check the page to make sure you did not accidentally delete information.  If you did, log back on, go to that page again and click "Page history."  There you can restore the previous version.

2. Check the instructions for the community partner you chose to see what your next step is.  For example, if you work at a school you might need to submit a form for your background check, etc.  You need to complete those steps AS SOON AS you sign in the wiki. 

3. The course coordinator (Ann Abbott) will let you know if you will attend an orientation session with your community partner.

4. Once the semester begins and you start your community-service learning work, you must log the hours you work at the community partner (they might have special sheets for you to do so) as well as here on this wiki. There is a folder named "Work Logs" with one site for every section (look for the folder on the right side of this wiki, or click on your individial section work log at the bottom of this site). Enter your section's work log and add your hours EVERY WEEK (same process: at the top of that page click on "Edit", wait for the page to load, type your information, then click "Save" at the bottom of your section's work log wiki).


Other relevant information


Prof. Ann Abbott coordinates this course and the community-based learning scheduling.  If you have questions about your class, talk to your instructor.  If you have questions about your work in the community, please contact Prof. Abbott at arabbott@illinois.edu. 

Good luck, and have a great semester in this course and all your other classes!

Ann Abbott


What can you do after this course?


Many students find their community service learning experience to be very fulfilling on many levels and want to continue their engagement with Latino communities after the course ends. You can always continue working with our community partners even after the course ends. Here are some other opportunities. Please add to the list!


Little Village Environmental Justice Organization



Community Based Learning

Community Partners

Materials to replace hours with the community partner


Human service agencies and programs


Schools: in classrooms


Schools: after-school programs




One time events: check here to see relevant talks and community events that you can use toward your 28 hours if necessary.


Materials to replace hours with the community partner



Professor Ann Abbott        arabbott@illinois.edu


Work logs

SPAN 232 11:00 Section D, Jone Vicente Urrutia, T/R Spring 2020: Each week log your work here

SPAN 232 12:30 Section X, Ann Abbott, T/R Spring 2020: Each week log your work here

SPAN 232 3:00 Section G, Monica Lugo, M/W Spring 2020: Each week log your work here

SPAN 332, 9:00 Section B, Ann Abbott, T/R Spring 2020: Each week log your work here

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